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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Twisted Media

I wouldn’t normally touch on such topics as the media but I think it’s time I did. When I go to the grocery store I can’t help but see these tabloid stories of these reality “stars” who at one time were extremely popular for the simple fact they built a show on clips of a dressed up family life of a not so conventional family and I can’t help but feel a bit nauseous.

I am of coarse referring to Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I have never watched the show myself as I hate the fake reality these shows portray but since I don’t live in a cave I do know about the show itself.

So at one time this show was extremely popular, people would tune in once a week to watch this particular family and see these cute little children and the parents who had been blessed with them. So once a week there would be a birthday, a house renovation, Christmas or whatever seemed TV worthy and people would tune in from all over North America to watch and applaud the American idealism.

But just like in real life marriages are not perfect. I’m sure the pressures of eight children and a camera crew watching your every move can start to weigh on you. I think in creating TV REALITY you forget what is actually reality and what is blown up media bullshit fiction. So what happens? Life happens and with life comes bad choices. Jon cheats on his wife.

Now in my world, a cheater is a cheater and they have no excuse. I don’t care if someone wants to play the victim card. You are married - You cheated - You’re a bastard! Instead of offering support and starting the, I hate Jon fan club, the media goes after Kate. I’m sorry, isn’t Kate the victim here.

“FROM MOM TO MONSTER!” What? I don’t understand, Jon cheats on her, with eight kids no less, and it’s okay because she’s a monster? Typical media bullshit! When did she become a monster? A week before all of North America was tuning into her show, applauding her for her mothering skills and ability to handle eight children, write books, and smile for the cameras, but Jon cheats and now he’s excused because apparently we, the viewers, didn’t know she was a monster.

How is it that just a few weeks before Jon cheated, the children were cute little actors and now they are exploited children forced into a life in front of the cameras? Where was this rationality before? Are they exploited now because real life got in the way of reality? So why doesn’t the media leave these poor exploited children alone, stop taking pictures of them with claims of unhappiness and apparent abuse and let the parents deal with the impending divorce? I guess Kate isn’t the only one who would supposedly put money above the lives of these children is she? The media should be ashamed and so should the wagon jumpers that bought into this media propaganda.



  1. That's the way of the world, I guess. When a man cheats on his wife, people often think there must be something wrong with her. Quite sad, really.

  2. Speaking from a mans point of view we cheat because its either something we planned on doing or the female who is sitting there with me is not satisfying me. These are my choices find a chick at work to put her to work after work or leave the person who I love. We make decisions based on whats best for us. But not thinking about what can happen next.

  3. I think Kate is a real mean spirited woman, but John could use a bigger set of ball as well.