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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Three Reasons to not want a RELATIONSHIT

I have had it. I am so sick of people being treated like shit at the hand or words or inaction of other human beings.

Why is it when you are in a “relationship” with someone people they just want you to suck up every thoughtless gesture or comment?

What about these people who start a relationship with someone and when they hurt their feelings in some way, shape or form and when they tell the person this they look at them like their crazy. I’m sorry, I am not some inane person who is going swallow every bit of shit you try to cram down my throat. Some people think that they can do or say anything to you and you are supposed to take it like some mindless bobble head with no feelings. Like the whole fucking world should suck on Prozac to make your life easier – god forbid we differ.

Worse is the person who starts said relationships and never calls a person again. So they are finished with you and your love for your own self esteem and then give you that one final lying dribble, that final kiss off text or email or that phone call with the classic “I’ll call you later.” Then they are never to be heard from again. Then you sit there wondering if it’s you, like somehow you are only justified as a human being if they give you the respect you deserve. Is it so hard to say, “I’m just not feeling it?”

No, these people just think they can run and hide and think by telling you what they think you want to hear, because they’ve been backed into the “shit! I just got a text from them and now how the hell am I going to get them to go away?” – The, I’ll call you later – is somehow going to last until the next time you accidently run into them or worse indefinitely. What the hell are they thinking?

So, these people just think that they can just hang around you; occupy your time via text or email or phone; say nice things to you; make plans and then just leave with no explanation and you are supposed to just ingest it. Pardon my confusion but weren’t you the person that said I’ll call you later. When the hell is later? And when did I loose your respect. I’m sorry did I have an opinion you didn’t share, a thought out of place, a fucking hang nail, what?

And last but not least, the mind game players. I hate games, there are no rules, if you want to call, then call. I don’t care if it’s been 3 days or not, if you’re thinking about me call! Or the person who can never give you a straight answer, usually because they are working every known angle to maximize their partner counts – stupid players. They come when they want to, inconvenience you in some way, and convince you – only when they’ve given you the some of their precious time, usually at their leisure – that you are so wonderful and only you can make them happy or complete, only to rip the carpet from beneath you when you realize you’ve been dealt a hand full of crumbs – well I want the whole saltine and a glass of fucking water.

I have an idea – give yourself an egg wash, roll around in your fucking crumbs and stick yourself in the fucking oven and bake until crispy!


  1. Here are a baker's dozen worth of reasons why a man may not call you back:
    (1) he liked you but fears rejection
    (2) you talked too much
    (3) you were not a good listener
    (4) you talked about past relationships
    (5) you talked about your past sex life
    (6) you were into talking negatively about men
    (7) you appeared to be too needy and/or too clingy
    (8) you appeared to be too bossy and independent
    (9) you appeared to have the characteristics of being a high maintenance woman
    (10) you appeared to have the characteristics of a drama queen
    (11) being with you was not as much fun as being with his friends
    (12) double standard - men always try to get you into bed as soon as they can - if he thinks you are "the one" and you have sex with him to early he will question his judgment and decide that you aren't "the one"
    (13) he didn't really like you, the sex was okay but it's easier for him to say that he will call and then slip away silently than it is to say "goodbye"

  2. Most men don't like "scenes." Strong emotions bewilder them or turn them off. So they prefer to avoid them at all costs.