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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cyberland Fucktards

Cyberspace Fucktards

That’s right bitches, I’m back and with a fucking vengeance. I lost sight of what I loved for just a little while but the bitch is back and ready to write.

Fuck: sleep together: have sexual intercourse with
Tard: Mental retardation is a generalized disorder, characterized by subaverage cognitive functioning and deficits

Put 2 and 2 together: FUCKTARD

So what is a cyberspace fucktard? This is the guy who spends so much time living in a delusional fantasy world created by his own warped self opinion of his complete and utter confidence that he could fuck the whole world into simultaneous orgasm. Usually brought on by over fantasizing via internet and other twenty-first century communication devices.

Also known as “porn brain” he can’t actually practice outside of said thought and is only capable of sex via photo shopped pictures placed on myspace or facebook, emails to stupid people who believe bullshit, and of coarse text messages. He looks at said photos or words and jerks off, this in turn makes him feel like a real man because the object of his desire has neither a word or a thought, just a face or body in which to spunk over that would not or could not tell him how he couldn‘t live up to the expectations in his own brain. This, the same brain that’s been pounding the masses to total satisfaction for what could be years now.

Must someone be completely devoid of all human traits and the need for human contact? Some of us here on planet earth walk, talk, interact, and fuck each other - IN PERSON!  Maybe if I or the object of your desire just sat there with our eyes bright eyed and mannequin like, careful not to mumble a word, could you perform? Come on Fucktard, are you with me?

Does it make you nervous I might actually tell you how I might not like it, or worse…you can’t make me cum like you’ve disillusioned yourself into believing? That one big gush you’ve convinced yourself that only you, the man of mine and every other women’s dreams can give me. Clearly you may need the practice on a human body.

Time to leave cyber land my friend. Here’s a thought, take baby steps before approaching a real girl. There are certain “dolls” available for you to use at reasonable prices if the real thing is to challenging. After dolls, throw a $50 down for a prostitute, tell her there is a tip if she lays completely still and when you’re mediocre job is done, lies to you and tells you how no one has ever been such a fantastic fucking lay and she’s seen a lot of cock my friend. A real ego booster. I repeat - BABY STEPS!

It can be extremely self reflecting when you go after a real woman and I empathize with you. You have been in your own reality so long, you may fully believe you are the king of pussy! This is hard (Ha! No pun intended) to move from screen to skin, but keep on keeping on Cyber Fucktard and one day you can move up the ladder to a being a normal everyday fucking asshole!